New Book Release: Telomere Diet and Cookbook

How what you eat can lead to a longer, happier life

September 17, 2019 (Los Angeles) — While some enjoy extremely active and healthy lives as they age, others spend years of their life burdened by heart disease, dementia, and other age-related diseases. Until recently, this was often chalked up to luck or “good genes.” But fascinating new research has emerged since the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to a team of scientists for uncovering how telomeres protect chromosomes. It suggests that telomeres are directly linked to aging. Telomeres, when protected, can lead to a longer, happier life.

Fortunately, one of the key components to protecting your telomeres is a balanced diet. The Telomere Diet and Cookbook is the first book to offer an easy-to-read, targeted overview of telomeres and nutrition. Including detailed meal plans and shopping lists, this book offers a simple step-by-step starter program and more than 75 delicious recipes.

“This book is for people who are interested in natural ways to age successfully through healthy lifestyle choices,” says the author, Maggie Moon, MS, RD. “It’s never too early – or too late – to age successfully. After all, healthy aging is a lifelong process.”

The Telomere Diet and Cookbook is a practical, evidence-based guide to living more years in good health, by way of the kitchen. This book explains the best available science on the intersection of telomeres and how the way we eat, sleep, respond to stress, and interact with others may impact how we age. Everyday habits can accelerate or slow down aging. 

The result is a plant-based, but not plant-exclusive, eating pattern based on a variety of wholesome foods such as vegetables, fruit, nuts, beans, seafood, whole grains, tea, and more.

Most importantly, this book provides practical tips and tools to apply the research findings to everyday life. Readers can expect meal plans and shopping lists, including when it’s OK to seek out supplements, as well as specific guidance on exercise, stress reduction, and healthy sleep. The book is organized so that a reader may skip right to the action plan, but also makes it easy to find the science.

All the great-tasting, inflammation-busting, antioxidant-rich recipes one needs to get started are included. The book features recipes for breakfasts, entrées, snacks, sides, desserts, and drinks including familiar comfort foods as well as dishes inspired by global cuisines and healthy eating trends for modern variety. Thankfully, on-trend does not mean fussy: the recipes have the home cook in mind and are designed to maximize flavor and minimize effort. 

“Aging successfully is a privilege, but it shouldn’t be,” says Moon. “Everyone should have access to the know-how and skills for a long healthspan. I’m proud to share ways that everyday activities like eating, sleeping, exercising and being kind to yourself and others can help.” 

About the Author

Maggie Moon, MS, RD, is a best-selling author, Columbia University-educated dietitian, and nutrition science communications professional with culinary school training. She dedicated her latest book, The Telomere Diet and Cookbook, to her husband Fred, the one she wants to grow old with. But she hopes it will help all people live well and thrive on their path to aging successfully.

She completed her clinical training at New York Presbyterian Hospital of Columbia and Cornell, and holds a master of science degree in Nutrition and Education from Columbia University’s Teachers College, with a bachelor of arts degree in English Literature from U.C. Berkeley. She is the lead author of the “Medical Nutrition Therapy for Neurologic Disorders” textbook chapter in the 15th edition of Krause’s Food and Nutrition Care Process. After a decade in New York City, she and her husband now live in Los Angeles where they strive to spend more time eating amazing produce than sitting in traffic.

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