My Top Two Family-Friendly Fish

Royal Dorade

Looking for ways to serve up seafood the whole family can appreciate? Look no further than mild, approachable white fish.

My two favorites are Australis Barramundi and Local Ocean Royale Dorade.

The Barramundi is even on sale at my Healthy Living for Less page right now (through May 3rd). It’s also in my refrigerator waiting to be made into dinner tonight (had the Dorade last week).

What makes these two fish top picks in my book? A lot. They’re budget-friendly, great for the whole family, are simple to prepare, and they provide healthy omega-3 fats.

You won’t have to worry about mercury with these fish, and they’re ocean-friendly, too.

Already convinced? Head on over to the seafood market to try them for dinner tomorrow. Want to learn more? Keep reading.

Barramundi, the Sustainable SeabassTM is a mild, sweet fish that tastes like a cross between grouper and snapper. It has a light buttery flavor and a succulent texture that is absolutely delicious — a fish your whole family will love!

The team at Australis Aquaculture tell us this fish is prized in Australia, where it’s regarded as the premiere fish. Barramundi is also rich in healthy omega-3′s and Australis barramundi is guaranteed free of mercury and other contaminants.

The company raises its fish in Western Massachusetts and has won numerous awards for sustainability.

Royal Dorade
Bream is known throughout the Mediterranean region as “Dorada” (Spain), “Dorade” (France), or “Orata” (Italy), and is very popular in those cuisines. Bream’s firm flesh has a sweet flavor that’s highlighted by simple preparations such as grilling and pan-frying.

The Local Ocean company raises fish in the world’s first (and only) commercial Zero-Discharge Sustainable Saltwater Recirculating Aquaculture System — which results in no pollution released into the water supply.

Choose Seafood for a True Value
As far as center-of-plate proteins go, seafood is more affordable than you may think. Seafood is close to a pure protein with very little, if any, waste — so what you buy is what you eat!

Portions can be smaller since it’s so filling, so you’ll have enough for a surprising number of servings.

For example, fillets of barramundi can be around $13.99/lb, and you can get two fillets per pound, which means your seafood dinner at home can start around $7 per adult (which allows for a full two servings of protein per adult). For kids, you might even want to halve a fillet, so their servings are closer to $3.50 per child. Did I mention this fish is on sale this week? ;)

Omega-3 Fats
Get your omega-3s and your heart will thank you with lower triglycerides, more HDL, less LDL, and a lower risk of heart attack and stroke. Omega-3s are also essential for your kids’ normal brain development and function. They also play a role in muscle function, digestion, and immunity.

For the majority of healthy adults and children, the recommendation is to include fish and shellfish in meals twice a week to benefit from their omega-3s, vitamins, minerals, and more. You can also look to walnuts or walnut oil, flaxseed or flaxseed oil, canola oil, or soybean oil to boost omega-3 intake.

Ocean-Friendly & Mercury-Free
The producers of these two fish are both going to great lengths to provide fish in environmentally responsible ways.

They aim to minimize the resources that go into producing the fish, the waters they’re produced in are pristine, and they keep densities down so that their fish aren’t crowded. Plus, their practices control for contaminants like mercury, which is good news for young children and women who are or may be pregnant.

Eat it Twice a Week
These two top picks are a great place to start on the road to eating fish twice a week. It’s also important to expand the palate over time.

Try salmon for a more complex flavor than mild white fish. It’s a lower-mercury, ocean-friendly choice, and makes a great addition to the mix of seafood you can offer your family.

During the summer salmon run, beautiful heart-healthy wild Alaskan salmon will be at its best. Mussels and oysters are also smart choices for seafood that offers omega-3s with low mercury.