Stay Cool with Super Salads!

Looking for a little oven-free meal inspiration? Summer is a great time to get creative with salads. There are so many fruits and vegetables in top form that it’s hard to go wrong.

Salads can be quick and easy, super healthy and filling, yet light to enjoy on a summer’s day or night. Plus: No oven required!

Fill up on refreshing salads that will satisfy your hunger for fewer calories than you think. Read on for 5 fresh salad ideas!

Start by filling your salad bowl with in-season fruits and vegetables. These foods are naturally low in calories because they have so much water in them. Their high water content means they’ll take up plenty of space on the plate and in the stomach. Our bodies and our planet are mostly water, so why not our plates, too? Their volume and their fiber will help keep the body satisfied. Their vitamins and minerals will keep the body nourished. Add lean protein and healthy fats from nuts or oils for a well-balanced meal.

5 Salad Inspirations

1. The inspiration: Watermelon

2. The inspiration: Cucumbers

  • Change it up and instead of lettuce, use cucumbers as the base for your next salad. Mix in cherry tomatoes, onions, and shredded chicken with your favorite dressing.

3. The inspiration: Pistachios

4. The inspiration: Strawberries

5. The inspiration: Boston Lettuce