Dancer: a brief history

I love to dance.

At one time or another I also loved soccer, singing, gymnastics, ice skating, pet rocks, skiing, knitting, guitar, ukulele, poetry, and shoes. While still dabbling in some of the aforementioned, it’s the dancing that stuck.

Let me digress to mention some early theatrical proclivities. When we were in elementary school, my younger brother and I would sing, dance, and put on puppet shows for our family and neighborhood. Memorable numbers include “open up the hamper, and look inside” and our eponymous theme song, “the awesome opossums!”

At the old age of 8, I learned to put up with sequins and blue eye shadow at  Irvine Dance Academy where I was exposed to the standard three: jazz, tap & ballet.

maggie-dance-scan-early-tap1Tap stuck.

In the rebellious teen years, I forgot how much I loved dancing and was a cheerleader instead. When I got to college, I came to my senses and tried to deny the sweater monkey years. (But, if I’m honest, I loved flying in stunts)

Swing dancing entered my life through a free dorm lesson and an enthusiastic suite mate. She became my enabler. We practiced together and went out to social dance whenever we could. Our proximity to San Francisco and its famously vibrant swing dance scene had us hooked. Being underage was a challenge, but we learned how to keep a low profile, and eventually made enough friends to wind up on the guest lists of bars where we were legally prohibited.

Are we good at the things we love to do? Or do we love the things we’re good at?bastilleday

In any case, an eventual proficiency led me to compete, teach, perform and choreograph. I was even asked to judge dance
competitions. As swing dancing took over my life, I returned the favor: I helped organize regional and national events for the dance community.

Since I started in 1997, I’ve matured and some perspectives have changed, but I still retain some of the early passion somehow.

If you’re curious about some of the things I’ve done as a swing dancer, my dance resume is a good place to start.

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